Pakistan – Engineering Services Contract of 1230 MW RLNG based combined cycle power plant which is one of the most efficient power plant of the world being developed by National Power Park Management Company (Pvt) Limited (NPPMCL) has been awarded to OMS through international competitive bidding.

The power plant is located in Haveli Bahadur Shah near Jhang, Pakistan. It comprises of two (02) GE Frame 9HA.01 Gas Turbines, two (02) Heat Recovery Steam Generators and one (01) Steam Turbine of Alstom. The minimum net efficiency (LHV) of the plant in combined cycle operation mode with once through cooling is targeted at 61.59%.

OMS role is to act impartially and independently in respect of engineering services which includes witnessing of tests on completions as specified in Power Purchase Agreement and certify their successful completion as a condition precedent to the Commercial Operation of power plant in both simple and combined cycle mode.

Congratulations to OMS family on this landmark achievement for being part of this mega power project.